Death threats and the student movement

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Violence and the threat of violence has been a part of Colombian history thorough the XXth century. During the latter half, right wing paramilitaries devised a sophisticated apparatus in order to identify, intimidate, follow, and assassinate student leaders.

Today, we are in the middle of a peace process with the guerrillas while still working through the juridical investigations that resulted with the agreement and demobilization of the paramilitaries (AUC), who were responsible of killing more than 4.000 communists during the 80s.

On this intervention we will talk to students who have been given 40 days to leave the Universidad Patriótica de Pereira or else.

For our dead,
not even one minute of silence
an entire life of struggle

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Although the British insisted that they had rescued India from ‘timeless hunger’, more than one official was jolted when Indian nationalists quoted from an 1878 study published in the prestigious Journal of the Statistical Society that contrasted 31 serious famines in 120 years of British rule against only 17 recorded famines in the entire previous two millennia … Millions died, not outside the ‘modern world system’ but in the very process of being dynamically conscripted into its economic and political structures. They died in the golden age of Liberal Capitalism.